Project Pause.

Project Pause is a simple practical initiative to help lower stress in daily life and spread calm across the globe. It’s free, time efficient and readily accessible.


The World Health Organization has named stress as a modern health epidemic. It is rampant and is making us physically and mentally ill. Too much stress affects your:  



            Mental wellbeing



            Enjoyment of life


Simply pausing and taking 3 conscious breaths regularly throughout the day, calms the mind and triggers a relaxation response.

Imagine reading a novel that had no full stops or commas between the words. The story wouldn’t make any sense. This is how most people live!

Just taking 3 conscious breaths puts the commas and full stops into your day and lowers the stress response.

Watch the short video to see how it’s done.

Young businesswoman resting in

But it’s hard to remember to pause and easy to forget!

When you sign up for Project Pause, you will be sent a daily morning message and regular text message reminder throughout the day in the form of a “paws” emoji. When we remember to pause, we send you a “paws’ emoji to remind you to pause. Once you are established in the habit of this and feel the benefit in your life, you can tell others about project pause and invite them to join you. Whenever you pause, you send a message to your peeps. This is how Project Pause will spread. The messages are never automated. A message is only sent when someone remembers to pause.

This is what people are saying

            “I feel so much calmer and more relaxed”

            “My day feels more balanced”

            “I’m noticing more beauty around me”

            My whole body feels more open and spacious”

            “I feel happier”

So the question is, what are you waiting for?

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