Meditation Made Simple.

Meditation is a proven tool for alleviating stress, increasing productivity, improving health and creating a better work environment.

Meditation can be profoundly simple and time efficient, practiced anywhere, any time, and a few minutes of meditation each day yields tangible benefits.

Science has shown that people who meditate regularly for a short time each day, live longer, are less reactive, and have higher levels of the happy hormone, serotonin - and so do the people around them!

Our meditation programs give people a taste of a variety of meditation techniques, shine a light on the scientific benefits and bust the myths surrounding mediation.

Meditation induces a profound state of rest, improves calmness, creativity and happiness, reduces anxiety, enhances a sense of control and boosts focus.


Program Themes Include:

  • What is meditation?

  • Scientifically proven benefits.

  • Choosing what works.

  • Establishing the practice and daily rhythm.

  • Using techniques to help with workplace scenarios. 

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