Magical Mindfulness.

Developing the ability to observe the mind opens up new possibilities and expanded choices for responding to work challenges in a way that is beneficial and harmonious.

Our interpretations of events determine how we see the world.

A negative mind sees only problems whereas a positive mind sees challenges and looks for solutions.

Mindfulness training is now considered the gold standard treatment for managing stress, improving mental health and wellbeing.

Our mindfulness seminars introduce ancient Buddhist principles in a way that resonates with the modern western mind. They are fun, practical and insightful, and lead to a greater sense of freedom, happiness and peace for your employees.


Meaningful mindfulness strategies strengthen resilience, adaptability and creative problem solving.


Program Themes Include:

  • What is meaningful mindfulness?

  • Deep dive into Buddhist mindfulness principles.

  • How to use mindfulness principles in work scenarios and situations.

  • Establishing the practice and daily rhythm.

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