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Mind Your Own Business

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

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Providing mindfulness training as a part of any professional development program has become an essential aspect of having a successful, thriving business. And rightfully so.

Several fortune 500 companies including Google, Apple, Nike, Yahoo and Goldman Sachs, now make mindfulness a staple of employee development.

In his book “Mindful Work”, David Gelles cites that highly stressed employees cost companies, on average, an extra $2000 per year. He goes on to say that the quantifiable benefits gained by insurance giant Aetna, from instituting workplace mindfulness training, included health costs falling by 7% and productivity gains rising by $3000 per employee or an eleven to one return on investment.

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century, but there is a very real solution for managing stress which is both self-empowering and does not rely on costly medical intervention. The solution comes through becoming proficient in observing thoughts with detached awareness. This is a key aspect of mindfulness.

The reality of life is that we have little control over outcomes. Plans may be devised, strategies conceived and put into action, but the result is never guaranteed, especially in a rapidly changing world. Outside influences have a huge impact on outcomes and none of them can be controlled.

There is however, one thing that can be controlled, and that is an individual’s response to any circumstance that arises. But this takes training, awareness and wisdom.

Understanding and using the ancient wisdom principles of non-attachment, non-judgement and non-resistance clears the way for expanded choice of response and opens the door for creative solutions to emerge.

Many companies are now incorporating mindfulness training as a standard procedure to ensure that staff learn to manage stress effectively and to boost creative performance.

Studies show that investing in mindfulness training is not only cost effective, with every dollar invested yielding returns in greater productivity and less absenteeism.

Mindfulness creates a calm stable mind, enhances the ability to focus and concentrate, provides deep rest for the body and activates the frontal cortex of the brain, freeing up creativity and enhancing clear, reasoned decision making.

Training your staff to mind their minds is a great way for you to mind your business.

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