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Bespoke workplace programs in stress management, mindfulness, meditation and nutrition that optimise employee performance and bring out the best in your staff.

Mind your own business.

Our tailored programs improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your workforce to help build a healthy culture of happiness in your company. After all, an essential aspect of any successful business is the happiness of your staff.

Executive Mentoring

Outstanding leaders need peak physical and mental wellbeing for better energy, vitality, clarity and creative problem solving. Our one on one executive programs help leaders break old paradigms to discover new and improved versions of themselves. 

Group Workshops

By addressing themes of resilience, coping with change, managing stress, burnout prevention and improving your overall health, our workshops inspire employees to take intentional steps towards enhancing their own health and wellbeing.

Offsite Retreats

Reward your staff to a truly nourishing, relaxing and inspiring wellness experience in a beautiful, spacious environment. Show your appreciation to your most valuable assets with a 1, 2 or 3 day immersion into total health and wellbeing.

"Employee wellbeing  programs improve the productivity of your employees".

Your business is our business.

At Intentional Health we take pride in delivering simple, relevant and practical knowledge to create a thriving culture of wellbeing in your workplace.

Investing in workplace wellness boosts productivity, prevents costly burnout and increases employee retention and attendance. Put simply, happy and healthy staff perform better, take less sick leave, are more resilient and work better as a team.

Our programs in mindfulness, mindset mastery, meditation and nutrition are designed to improve the mental and physical health of your most valuable asset – your staff! We offer workshops, retreats and individual mentoring, addressing the themes of resilience, coping with change, managing stress, and maintaining energy and stamina.

Let us inspire and empower your staff to take intentional steps towards living healthy, happy, energetic lives, both inside and outside of work.


The experts in employee happiness.

As leading health and wellness practitioners, the Intentional Health team improve employee performance through a range of wellness strategies designed entirely to suit your organisational needs.

Mindset Mastery

A cutting edge business advantage for improved employee adaptability and creative problem solving is having a workforce competent in Mindset Mastery.


Meditation Made Simple

Our uniquely designed meditation strategies are a time effective tool that will improve the overall health of employees, reduce anxiety and boost their mental wellbeing.

Magical Mindfulness

Improve mental health, clarity and creativity by facilitating a calmer response to pressure, which will also enhance employee abilities to positively affect others.


Food For Mood

Unhealthy eating habits will affect employee performance. By changing these habits employees will have more energy, better concentration and greater productivity. 

"Happy staff are more productive, take less sick leave and are more loyal".

What Our Clients Think.

Don't just take our word for it! Hear how others have benefited from bespoke Intentional Health programs.

Young Businesswoman

"My health and mental wellbeing have significantly improved since consulting with the Intentional Health team and I highly recommend their programs".

Senior Businesswoman

"Wow! What a change has happened to me since attending the retreat. I feel refreshed and like a huge weight has been lifted from me".

Businessman with Glasses

"I loved talking to the Intentional Health team about how to manage my work and personal stress. I was given an invaluable new direction". 

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